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The most efficient windows on the market are now both very affordable and readily available. With over 15 years of experience on the cutting edge of green building technology, Eco Supply will be there for you, from design to installation, making sure you have the level of support needed to make certain that your project is a glowing success. With proper forethought in the design phase, a window package can gain more heat that it loses during heating season and vice versa during the cooling season.

Our Passive House certified windows from Intus are triple glazed, meaning we use three panes of glass as opposed to the industry standard two panes. This allows for an extra layer of protection against heat loss. We employ warm edge technology with our spacers that are both larger than typical spacers, and also made with Chromatech ultra composite material.

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Unlike smaller spacers that are composed of highly conductive metal, Chromateach creates a thermal break. All of our spacers are also made with a desiccant in them to ensure that no condensation builds up between glass panels. Argon gas fills the space between panes further reducing the rate of heat transfer from inside to outside or vice versa, depending on seasonal environmental conditions.

Window performance in the United States is measured in U-value or U-factor. The more common R-value is a measurement of thermal resistivity. In the world of building, R-value is generally used to measure the insulation quality of your wall assembly or as a way to measure different types of insulation. Higher thermal resistivity equals higher R-value, so when measuring insulation or wall assemblies higher R-value is considered a good thing. U-value is the reciprocal of R-value, for example an R-value of 10 is equal to a U-value of of what? missing information. U-value is a measurement of conductivity, thus a window with a lower conductivity has a lower U-value. The lower the better when dealing with U-value. Our standard triple glazing has a U value of .088, leading the industry and raising the eyebrows of building inspectors everywhere.

While one of the key components to high-performance building is a good window, glazing is only part of the equation. A well insulated frame with a proper seal is key to protecting against air leakage, which is one of the most common avenues for heat loss in a building. Our tilt and turn windows, and lift and slide doors are made with three gaskets to create a near perfect see air seal. This feature, combined with our super insulated thermally broken and multi-chamber frames make an industry leader in energy efficiency. Frames are available in wood, aluminum, and UPVC options, and we can cater to almost any design, decor, and price point.

Energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, design versatility, and aesthetic variety, combined with over 15 years of cutting-edge industry experience and superior service to see your project through to completion makes Intus Windows the top choice. Send us your window schedules and elevations today and prepare to be pleasantly surprised at how competitive we can be.


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