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Richlite Exterior
The Natural Rain Screen

Richlite can be more than a countertop. It can be dryness on the leeward side of a mountain, shielded from rain by adiabatic cooling. The mountain forces the moisture out of the air as it expands and cools on the way up the slope. Although Richlite's Exterior FSC® certified rain screen offering is relatively new, the base material has been used for decades in marine and industrial applications

We stock Black Diamond in rain screen thickness. The standard size is 5/16" thick panels in 4x8. It's also available in 4x10, 4x12, 5x10 or 5x12. EcoCuts, our services division, makes quick work of custom sizes or complex shapes.

One of the benefits is through-body color versus European phenolic rain screen panels. Deep scratches don't show as a different color.

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Our lead times are very short and there are no minimum order sizes. Richlite is pressed at a lower pressure, making it less brittle and more impact resistant. We're often specified as a replacement for flimsy metal panels or fiber cement in high traffic ground level areas where impact resistance is key. The Richlite edge detail is very clean when seen up close due to the through body color. Richlite Exterior rain screen never needs to be painted and is Class A Fire Rated.

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