Building Envelope

Thermacork Expanded Cork Insulation & Façade

Thermacork expanded cork insulation panels are a sustainable and more energy efficient alternative to foam panels. Our cork insulation comes in aesthetically pleasing exterior façade panels that can withstand the elements with little upkeep. Thermacork panels are R-4 per inch, insulating incredibly well despite their mass. Their performance is especially outstanding during rapid changes in temperature from day to night, due to a phenomenon known as thermal delay.

Thermacork is manufactured in Portugal in a carbon negative process that is the definition of green production. The cork dust created by the manufacturing process is burned in a high temperature boiler that generates 90% of the energy needed to produce the cork panels. There are no materials used in the production of Thermacork other than the bark itself and steam.

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SIGA Membranes & Adhesives

SIGA’s line of products are industry leading when it comes to building envelope that aren’t spray applied. This family business based in Switzerland started in 1965 and since 1985 has excluded toxins like solvents, chemical dryers, formaldehyde or harmful resins. SIGA puts enormous effort and resources into developing SIGA’s employees and their products through R&D. We’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the products and people.

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