To help offset the import and use of exotic rainforest lumber, we offer a unique set of sustainable wood flooring products. From rapidly renewable species of bamboo to plantation grown cork, our products not only look and feel good, but more importantly they support sustainable forestry practices.

Suberra Cork Flooring

Suberra engineered cork flooring is made by the finest manufacturer of cork flooring in the world. Our ceramic based zero VOC finish is engineered specially for cork and our click lock tongue and groove locking system makes installing our floating cork floor a breeze. Take a look at our online store and you’ll see some very high quality flooring at amazing prices.

This engineered cork floor comes laid up on HDF with an integral cork underlayment, making for a super quiet and warm floor that is easy and fast to install over most any substrate. We have a number of accessories to match our floors.

One of our unique cork flooring specialties is customer cork stair treads. We use our Suberra blanks to make some of the most beautiful and only 100% cork stair treads that we know of. Now the warmth and look you were searching for in a floor can be extended as a design element to the stairs. The treads are 1.25” thick and we’d be happy to look at any drawings to determine how to install these treads given your stair frame condition.

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Plyboo Bamboo Flooring

Plyboo is the gold standard when it comes to bamboo flooring in commercial projects where performance and real testing are a necessity. Their new Stilleto line matches the performance of the ultra hard bamboo strand flooring with innovative new finishing techinques to create a bamboo stand floor that comes in more modern colors with the same Plyboo strand flooring performance.

We still sell standard bamboo items and bamboo strand floors. We have all the accessories in stock within a week delivery to match any of our flooring finishes and items. We are happy to bid on custom items and accessories as well, using our deep array of fabricators and millwork shops and stock of bamboo plywood and lumber.

Smith and Fong’s Plyboo is the original and oldest brand of bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring pros and cons are widely debated but we can say that we are the original and have a depth of technical support and manufacturing experience that all others lack. Our testing is real and Smith and Fong has stood behind our warranty unlike many of our competitors, selling our brand continuously for more than 25 years. We have not folded only to reincorporate or hidden behind a bunch of anonymous Chinese government factories. We have a staff employee from the United States in our factory at all times to ensure quality control. Don’t be fooled my cut rate brands.

Bamboo plywood is known as Plyboo in a similar fashion to Kimberly Clark’s Kleenx brand. Many millworkers and furniture OEMs accept nothing except Plyboo bamboo plywood. Although flooring isn’t quite as difficult to make as a ¾” 4x8 sheet, quality always pays for itself in the long run.

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