Lift & Slide Door

Brand: Bildau & Bussmann
Material: Multiple Material Options

We have great prices and uncommonly large sliding doors. The secret is the lift and slide mechanism and in-house manufacturing of the wood components. The lifting action engages hidden wheels, lifting the whole sash, allowing extremely heavy and large sliding doors to operate with ease.

Is your sliding door leaking from the bottom or the top? The lift and slide mechanism provides a much better seal than a typical sliding door thanks to the adjustable gears and innovative gasket system.

Built to last, our doors are NFRC certified and rated for use in hurricane zones. Although we still use a complex and large thermally broken aluminum extrusion for the threshold, the structural wooden jams and head reduce cost versus an aluminum sliding door or PVC sliding door. A high-performance PVC or aluminum sliding door requires a large and complex extrusion on the jams and head in addition to the threshold.


  • FSC® Certified Company
  • NFRC Certified

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