Fixtures & Display

Signage, packaging, trade show exhibits, museum exhibitions, POP displays, and more, our grouping of wood, paper, and fiber based products can add color, texture, and durability to your designs. Printable and paintable, with excellent machinability, these products offer unlimited design and manufacturing flexibility.

Richlite FSC® Certified Paper Phenolic Material

Coming in FSC recycled colors, Richlite is a popular zero VOC and FSC panel. It is through body color and won’t wear through on a transaction surface or chip on the corners like laminate. As casework the same durability helps displays last much longer, edge as super tough. We can have digitally printed or screen printed sheets added to panel. For signage or colorful edges on displays, the Richlite Cascade line offers designer the opportunity to add different and contrasting layers of colors. Using an engraving bit on the CNC machine makes revealing a light core for lettering an easy process for large volume of custom signs. They call all be different in terms of lettering but cut from the same sheet on the router.

Richlite really starts to shine literally and figuratively in high wear and impact areas. The more you abuse it the better it looks. In Ethan Allen stores you can find it right next to black Corian and the difference is startling. The translucent, plastic and more glossy solid surface products look much better in the beginning as the matte and monolithic Richlite can’t hide surface wear, but as the wear becomes more prevalent Richlite looks better than solid surface in the black and dark colors.

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Suberra Ultra High Density Cork Material

Suberra is extremely lightweight. It weighs just a third of what solid wood weighs, reducing the cost of shipping and damage due to handing, easing the setup of displays and stores. It makes for a great tradeshow material as well. Full thickness cork of this manner is uncommon. We stock mostly 1.25” x 25 x 36 but also sell 7.25” thick blocks. Fabrication and seaming are very easy and Suberra takes finish in a manner similar to wood. We recommend Waterlox for heavy duty or wet applications or OSMO Polyx Oil for most standard applcations. The corners will not chip over time and it’s about as easy to resand and refinish as any material on the market, making for easy site repairs and refinishing.

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