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Eco Supply Provides Green Building Solutions

We distribute sustainable, high-performance building materials for interior and exterior applications.

Our company grew out of cabinetry and fine furniture shops, which prioritized the use of sustainable materials in their design and fabrication. Frustrated with the lack of access to these materials, we began to purchase inventory and set up warehousing along the eastern seaboard. Building off the momentum of the green movement, we quickly established ourselves as the material experts to the design and build industry.

Our firsthand, technical knowledge of these materials allowed us to educate designers, builders, and communities about their performance and sustainable characteristics. We hold our products to high performance standards and are frank about their environmental impact. We look for a number of things we think are important, including raw material extraction, manufacturing process, waste, air quality, company culture, etc.

Over the last decade we have broadened our scope as well as our service offerings. We started a value added services division, EcoCuts, which provides optional cutting and machining processes to our products. More recently, we have gotten behind the Passive House movement by offering products that support the design and construction of a high performance building envelope.

Eco Supply’s products and services support A&D, OEM, Corporate, Commercial, Residential and Industrial markets.

Our goals remain the same today as they were more than a decade ago: to be the leading experts in a unique offering of sustainable and high performance materials and solutions.

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About Eco Supply

Our team is diverse, yet we arrived at Eco Supply because we share a common belief that the abundance of natural resources combined with the ingenuity of the human brain can help minimize the earth's environmental challenges. Our team is comprised of:

Eco Supply is proud of our support over the years for our primary stakeholder, the green building community. From the Passive House community and the USGBC, on down to the student designer, we have always had the time to help. We are here to make green building easier and more competitive. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the architects, activists, designers, students, builders, fabricators, manufacturers, third party certifying bodies, and everyone else who takes the risk, time and care to do it the right way, every time all the time.

The A&D community is always raising the bar and they have our respect and allegiance. Eco Supply was one of the first cabinet shops to be FSC® certified in the United States, and our distribution company proudly maintains a FSC® chain of custody number. We have LEED APs and Passive House consultants on staff. We are also proud to annouce the official opening of our services division: EcoCuts. Our in house CNC router and fabrication facility is here to make your green ideas and concepts come to life.

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"The great challenge of the twenty-first century is to raise people everywhere to a decent standard of living while preserving as much of the rest of life as possible."

-- Edward O. Wilson

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