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We offer a full array of interior wall and paneling solutions. Rustic or contemporary, high-impact or sound dampening, our full range of vertical panel solutions will add performance and a focal point to your interior space.

Tekstur Pattern Architectural Surfaces

Tekstur is a brand of patterned, high performance architectural surfaces.

Our vision for Tekstur began with our work distributing responsibly processed, durable materials that have a low impact on the planet. We use the highest quality of sustainable, ethically produced materials to create a long lasting, beautifully crafted surface.

With panel options that are FSC® Certified and can contribute to LEED® Credits, the possibilities are endless...

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Plyboo Bamboo Plywood Paneling

Wall applications are one of Plyboo’s strong points. The linear grain provides a clean modern look and running the grain vertically allows for panels to be seamed together. One can cut different width sections to break up any color or grain variation between the panels. Bamboo plywood varies as much or more than veneer core hardwood plywood from sheet to sheet. It won’t take long to line up some panels and get a nice series of sheets that works well together from a color standpoint. Reveals between the panels need no special treatments since the surface veneer is so thick and the core is also bamboo of the same tone and color. Mitered corners on bamboo plywood are much stronger and impact resistant than veneer core plywood or veneered MDF. The thick wear layer makes for great bamboo wainscoting or wall panels in a high traffic area.

The blond color of the natural bamboo plywood stays light over long periods of time, not oxidizing as much as some light colored woods. The natural edge grain is a great replacement for Anigre in architectural wall panels. It whitewashes well but wood tone stains don’t work well with the natural color bamboo as well as the Amber. A good clear coat is best and the grayer water based finishes work especially well with the blond in addition to any acrylic or polycarbonate vanishes. The Amber bamboo is much easier to stain and tone.

Mount Plyboo the way you would any wood architecture panel. The screw hold is excellent and it’s structurally superior to MDF, particle or veneer core products.

A new addition this year is Plyboo’s “RLS” linear Reveal, Linear, and Sound. Plyboo uses its superior quality core, revealing it and carving into the core of the panel to make beautiful geometric patterns. The Sound panels as the name infers is an acoustic panel that reduces noise. You can place fiberglass duct liner begin these perforated panels or our expanded cork insulation for a super green, high-performance sound deadening solution. Please check out of design too where you can view all of these panels.

Plyboo’s “solid” panel is a little different than most bamboo plywood or plywood in general in that it isn’t really plywood at all. It’s constructed more like a maple block with strips of bamboo glued shoulder to shoulder. From an engineering standpoint, it gets stronger the thinner it’s ripped and weaker the thinner it’s cross cut. Ripping these tough strips without a core and a consistent look lends itself to making all manner of custom picture rail, chair rail, crown molding, and custom baseboards. Really any architectural millwork element where the bamboo pattern is desired but the core needs to be hidden is the solid’s strong point. Please use and look for the SKU that has an “s” in it. BP-V4896SVA or BP-V4896SVN for ¾” 4x8s. We also make this product in a 30x120 for counters and can make up to 12’ lengths of any width in the factory as a high volume special order.

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Richlite FSC Certified® Paper Phenolic Material

Richlite is extremely impact resistant even in thin ¼” panels. We see it used as hospital and education wainscoting where being sanitary and tough are benefits. Carts, tools, children or other active environments won’t chip the corners like fiber cement panels. They are easy to mount and fasten to the walls with epoxied on z-clips, face fasteners or our Tweha adhesive system that is typically used on rainscreen applications but is perfectly at home inside. The Richlite Cascade line has different layers of color within the Richlite panels. These can be custom ordered to spec for the same price as the standard Cascasde line. Using an engraving bit or making an oblique roundover accentuates the color contrast, making for wonderful signage, lettering and colorful edges and moldings.

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Suberra Ultra High Density Cork Material

Suberra is marketed and typically used as a counter or work surface but some of our most beautiful applications have been on vertical surfaces. The 1.25” thickness allows for rounded over joints and reveals. Suberra cork wall panels will also be durable over long periods of time due to their thickness. They can be resanded and refinished almost indefinitely. Cladding surfaces with cork make for great sound attenuations. The material is very lightweight and easier to cut and shape on site. Libraries, wine or natural food themed bars and restaurants in addition to home installs.

This year we’re introducing a line of colored wall tiles and people has used our flooring product create a flush surface as the seams of our click lock flooring very tight. We can have custom printing done on very thin veneers of cork as well.

We can precut, drill and seam Suberra into almost any shape and form, including our full 7.25” x 24” x 36” blocks. Your imagination is the only thing limiting the design possibilities.

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Thermacork Low Density Cork Panels

Thermacork is our best product when it comes to interior sound attenuation and thermal insulation. It’s the world's greenest insulation with no binders; no ingredients expect steam and cork. Even the steam is generated at the plant from cork dust left over from the manufacturing process. It’s easy to install as an acoustic panel with common mastics and trim head screws disappear into the face of the material. Our thicker panels come in a shiplap edge making for easy installation.

Although typically used in 2”, 4” or 8-12” thick blocks, we have 3/8” and ¾” material for decorative wall panels and sound attenuations. Its sound attenuating properties make it a good match for masonry party walls, under slabs and insulating machinery mounts. It works better on low-frequency sound and vibration than many typical sound deadening materials and paired with fiberglass or rock wool in the walls yields much better performance than just a wall with typical insulation, both from a sound and insulation standpoint. We have specific acoustic information and thermal information for download here.

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SIGA Membranes & Adhesives

Although known mainly in the United States for their outstanding exterior air and weather sealing tapes, SIGA has a full line of both interior and exterior products. For very cold or mildly temperate environments with a good amount of humidity, SIGA interior tapes and membranes are vastly superior to 6mm poly and the price is quite good for the vastly better performance.

SIGA Majpell membrane is the vapor closed interior product. Just a short look at a sample will convince you that having a self-sealing, high performance membrane is worth the excess cost over poly. If you are paying for installing poly then using Majpell is a no brainer. The system is superior not only in tear resistance short and long term, but also speed and installation due to the SIGAs great Twinet, Sicrall,

Corvum and Rissen tapes and liquid applied Twinet adhesive. The system is designed for the job and contractors soon fall in love with the smart system that works both when it comes to installation and performance. Even the most stubborn masonry or troublesome substrate found on a renovation is no match for the SIGA system.

At the very least most homes make an attempt at being rainproof. Adding a completely taped and sealed continuous weather resistive barrier vastly reduces air leakage, making more efficient cooling and heating possible. If this barrier is breathable any water that gets into the wall assembly can dry to the outside.

A complete air barrier on the inside of the home just under sheet rock that is vapor closed works with the vapor open membrane on the outside. Not only is warm, humid interior air blocked from entering the walls, condensing on cold structural members, any moisture or water that leaks in from the outside is forced back out though the vapor open exterior barrier. No air enters the home that is filtered though the walls.

The vapor open Siga Wigluv tape and Majvest WRB has its interior match In Majpell and Rissen and Twinet.

Adding modern HVAC components like an ERV to this combination of proper interior and exterior vapor and air control allows for vastly more fresh air to enter the home that is preconditioned. People who live in these types of smart home have complete control of the interior air quality with much lower heating and cooling costs. Spend any time in a passive house on one with just decent air control and you’ll never want to stay anywhere else.

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