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Our products are dynamic and versatile. They have been used in everything from the aerospace and marine industries, to instrumentation as guitar fret boards, and even cladding on skateboard ramps. Mobile device cases, rail car fixtures, machinery components and food service are only some of the wide ranging industrial and OEM applications for our products. We are constantly pursuing new areas that need long lasting and durable green solutions.

Richlite FSC® Certified Paper Phenolic Material

Richlite is without a question our most useful industrial product. Our focus on growing it’s market has been in the architectural world where green characteristic as desired. In the industrial world it’s simply raw performance. You get this kind of performance with a green material that complies in every manner with the buy America act. All the material is made in the United States in addition to all the feedstocks using an extremely low embodied energy process, especially compared to resilient industrial materials.

We’ve been increasingly popular in the transit segments as many green mandates coming from the government demand high recycled content material. It’s a perfect material for transit and load floors where wood just isn’t making the cut and metal would transmit too much heat and vibration. We have passed all the docket 90 tests for optical smoke density and flame spread.

One of our real environmental victories in the OEM world is guitars. Often fretboards and bridges utilized ebony, a very damaging species that comes from fragile environments. The drying is also a time consuming process. Meeting the requirements of the Lacy Act regarding ill-gotten materials or things that are endangered or CITES listed is an issue as well. Richlite’s acoustic properties, strength and stability has allowed it to creep into all kinds of lines and manufactuers of stringed instruments. Although purists don’t appreciate a new material, most agree that is plays great. Having an ebony fingerboard on a new guitar is about a cool as wearing real tiger skin underwater, tortoise eye glasses frames, rhino horn in your supplements, or any manner of ivory products.

The most common application is parts in the commercial food service world where you see it as the cutting surface of choice in the food prep area. Paired with stainless it’s the ultimate in sanitary performance but won’t dull knives. It won’t lose thickness as fast as wood or the white polyethylene cutting surfaces and is much, much more heat resistant.

The oldest application is jigs and forms for metalworking. It has a low dielectric coefficient and again is very heat and impact resistant. BA is still to this day a large customer. Prototyping is a great use for Richlite since it will machine like metal without using up super expensive alloys. We have avionics customer that use it for wiring blocks and it has passed all of Boeing’s test for smoke toxicity and fire rating, a serious issue when there is no escape at 35,000’.

Heat resistance and high tensile strength allows Richlite to replace metal in other applications. Richlite has been used for decades as throttle body or carburetor spacers, keeping engine heat away from fuel. We are happy to machine any custom spacers if you’d like to experiment with certain shapes or have an odd size that typical spacers won’t match.

Since Richlite will only absorb a maximum 2% water, won’t rust, is utterly machinable and has incredible tensile strength, it is a good material for hydroforming dies. We’ve seen all manner of custom workholders, chuck faces and CNC beds. If you have a CNC machine odds are that the bed may be Richlite.

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Suberra Ultra High Density Cork Material

Suberra is marketed and typically used as a counter or worksurface but some of our most beautiful applications have been on vertical surfaces. The 1.25” thickness allows for rounded over joints and reveals. Suberra cork wall panels will also be durable over long periods of time due to their thickness. They can be resanded and refinished almost indefinitely. Cladding surfaces with cork makes for great sound attenuations. The material is very lightweight and easier to cut and shape onsite. Libraries, wine or natural food themed bars and restaurants in addition to home installs.

This year we’re introducing a line of colored wall tiles and people has used our flooring product create a flush surface as the seams of our click lock flooring very tight. We can have custom printing done on very thin veneers of cork as well.

We can precut, drill and seam Suberra into almost any shape and form, including our full 7.25” x 24” x 36” blocks. Your imagination is the only thing limiting the design possibilities.

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