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High-Performance Sustainable Wall Panel Solutions

Course Description


This course aims to educate attendees on the science, sustainability, installation, and specification of high-performance composite wall paneling and protective surfaces. The course includes information about these decorative paneling materials: durable paper-composites and compact panels. Interior, exterior, residential and commercial applications are all addressed as part of the course.

HSW Justification:

Paper-composite and compact panels all have various sustainable attributes that pertain to the indoor air quality of the environments they are installed in, and the protection of the earth's environment in general. The course covers Zero VOC materials, Class A fire rated materials, FSC® Certified materials, and new materials made from recycled materials.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1:
Sustainability of Recycled Paper Composite & Compact Wall Panels: Learn the environmental benefits of using these durable materials through the science behind their creation and manufacturing processes, while also learning the differences between the two materials.

Learning Objective 2:
Range of Applications: Learn the benefits of using different sustainable materials installed as wall panels and coverings in a broad range of applications through case studies and imagery.

Learning Objective 3:
Installation: Learn specifics and nuances required in the installation and specification of these materials.

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Course Details

Credits: 1 LU | HSW

AIA Course Number: ESC003

Provider: EcoSupply