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2021 Tekstur Fabrication and Install GuidelinesInstallation GuideDownload (1.34 MB)
Abet Stratificato Tech Data SheetData SheetDownload (16.27 KB)
Button Fix 2D Blocks CADDrawingDownload (3.44 KB)
Button Fix 2D Blocks CAD (DXF)DrawingDownload (3.44 KB)
Button Fix Instructions for Using Button FixInstallation GuideDownload (10.00 MB)
Button Fix Safety Test DataMSDSDownload (2.35 MB)
Button-Fix Multi-jig InstructionsFabrication GuideDownload (1.58 MB)
Cali Bamboo Label TestingLab TestingDownload (20.53 KB)
Cali Bamboo MSDSMSDSDownload (9.13 KB)
Panelex Techincal BulletinData SheetDownload (29.38 KB)
Richlite - CSI 3-Part Spec - Master Format 04CSI SpecDownload (7.22 KB)
Richlite - CSI 3-Part Spec - Master Format 95CSI SpecDownload (7.17 KB)
Richlite ASTM C1028 Coefficient of FrictionLab TestingDownload (16.57 KB)
Richlite ASTM E84 UL Labs Richlite Class A Fire RatingLab TestingDownload (12.34 KB)
Richlite ASTM E90 04 Sound Transmission .50Lab TestingDownload (1.77 MB)
Richlite ASTM E90 04 Sound Transmission .75Lab TestingDownload (1.72 MB)
Richlite BrochureCatalog/BinderDownload (4.91 MB)
Richlite CARB 2 EPA Emission StandardsCertificationDownload (41.98 KB)
Richlite CNCFabrication GuideDownload (9.26 KB)
Richlite Cantliever SpansGeneral InformationDownload (71.35 KB)
Richlite Care Maintenance 2019Care & MaintenanceDownload (11.30 KB)
Richlite CuttingFabrication GuideDownload (7.20 KB)
Richlite Delivery Handling StorageGeneral InformationDownload (14.78 KB)
Richlite DrillingFabrication GuideDownload (8.80 KB)
Richlite EPA 8270 Lead PhthalatesLab TestingDownload (70.96 KB)
Richlite Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)General InformationDownload (1.69 MB)
Richlite FSC CertificateCertificationDownload (14.64 KB)
Richlite Fabrication GuideFabrication GuideDownload (67.37 KB)
Richlite Greengaurd Gold Certificate Children Schools ProgramCertificationDownload (67.66 KB)
Richlite Greenguard Certificate Indoor Air QualityCertificationDownload (66.67 KB)
Richlite HPDGeneral InformationDownload (11.32 KB)
Richlite JIS 2801 AntimicrobialLab TestingDownload (21.50 KB)
Richlite Kosher Certificate 2016 2017CertificationDownload (29.89 KB)
Richlite LEED InfoCertificationDownload (10.29 KB)
Richlite Lab Top Chemical Resistance TestLab TestingDownload (60.42 KB)
Richlite Lacey Act Declaration LetterGeneral InformationDownload (46.31 KB)
Richlite MSDSMSDSDownload (7.16 KB)
Richlite Material Surface OptionsFabrication GuideDownload (15.66 KB)
Richlite NSF Standard 51 NaturalCertificationDownload (42.87 KB)
Richlite NSF Standard 51 Slate BlackCertificationDownload (0.97 KB)
Richlite NYC MEA 482 04CertificationDownload (14.27 KB)
Richlite PropertiesGeneral InformationDownload (48.68 KB)
Richlite REACH Test ReportLab TestingDownload (25.71 KB)
Richlite RoutingFabrication GuideDownload (7.39 KB)
Richlite Seaming Gluing FasteningFabrication GuideDownload (12.71 KB)
Richlite Sizes Weights Thickness 2018General InformationDownload (10.45 KB)
Richlite cascade ordering guidelinesGeneral InformationDownload (16.00 KB)
Stonetack Install GuideInstallation GuideDownload (30.26 KB)
Suberra Care and MaintenanceCare & MaintenanceDownload (27.48 KB)
Suberra Fabrication GuideFabrication GuideDownload (5.20 KB)
Suberra Fact SheetGeneral InformationDownload (3.03 KB)
Suberra Flooring InstallationInstallation GuideDownload (39.89 KB)
Suberra MSDSMSDSDownload (16.04 KB)
Suberra Site SheetData SheetDownload (39.91 KB)
TWEHA LijmTech Adhesive General InstructionsGeneral InformationDownload (3.27 MB)
TWEHA PanelMate Declaration of Performance 3General InformationDownload (27.74 KB)
TWEHA PanelMate TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 1Data SheetDownload (28.84 KB)
Tekstur FAQGeneral InformationDownload (11.32 KB)
Tekstur MSDSMSDSDownload (22.64 KB)
Tekstur Paper Composite 3-Part CSI SpecCSI SpecDownload (6.01 KB)
Thermacork Facade Grade CSI SpecCSI SpecDownload (30.09 KB)
Thermacork Facade Grade Warranty DS SpecialWarranty InformationDownload (30.09 KB)
Thermacork basic install guidelines 2017Installation GuideDownload (23.86 KB)
Thermacork brochure 2016Catalog/BinderDownload (1.92 MB)
Thermacork mdfacade basic install guidelines 2017Installation GuideDownload (23.86 KB)
Tweha Bondings Systems INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 3.2 2Installation GuideDownload (84.09 KB)
Tweha PanelMate Declaration Regarding Chemical Building ProductsGeneral InformationDownload (26.27 KB)