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A significant amount of our green products fall under the counter and table top market. Our surfaces are top notch materials for use in both commercial and residential spaces, and vary widely based on application and aesthetic preference. As with all aspects of our business, environmental concern is of the utmost importance for each of these options:

Richlite FSC Certified® Paper Phenolic Material

Richlite is a popular product for restaurant tables and high wear transaction settings. Unlike darker acrylic and polyester products, Richlite will not scratch white over time. It is much harder than wood, and will not chip like harder materials, making it the most impact resistant option for tables and countertops. Richlite is more heat resistant and sanitary than other solid surfaces, yet remains warmer to the touch than materials like stone. As a cutting surface, Richlite loses less surface volume than wood or white poly cutting boards, making it the optimal material for commercial food countertops.

Richlite is also the ideal countertop surface for the home kitchen. Combined with a marble area for dough prep, and a stainless sink for dish washing, it makes for the perfect sleek, modern kitchen.

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extremeconcrete® High-Performance Sustainable Concrete

extremeconcrete® is a modern eco-sensitive, high-performance concrete material, engineered to utilize waste stream ingredients with the ability to be poured into an endless array of molds to create high impact, NSF Certified, LEED® contributing architectural products.

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Suberra Ultra High Density Cork Material

Suberra is a unique work surface that is comprised of recycled cork bark. The non-porous, water resistant material is as dense as oak, yet softer to the touch. Suberra can be oiled or treated with a wood finish, though the unfinished surface works wonderfully as it resists stains and bacterial growth. Seaming long runs of the counter is easily accomplished with ordinary woodworking tools and Gorilla Glue, and we can provide the raw material for those interested in DIY projects. We also provide made to order counters and tables using this sustainable product.

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Plyboo Bamboo Plywood Material

Plyboo bamboo plywood is a strong, sustainable, and versatile alternative to typical plywood. Like old fashioned lumber core, Plyboo uses the same hard, high-quality material for both its inner core and veneer. The beautiful pattern of the core sands and finishes just as smooth and hard as the face of the sheet. The bamboo plywood’s wear layer measures a full 1/8” thick, as opposed to most other plywoods’ veneers, which typically measure around 1/32” or 1/64” thick. The 3/4” Plyboo can be doubled to make 1.5” counters and tables whose construction lends itself to joining and seaming with extra materials that may otherwise be scrapped.

We carry 30" x 120" and 48" x 120" sheets that can be cut to size at our warehouse in Richmond, Virginia, or can be pre-manufactured for high volume orders at our factory in China.

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