Can I use Richlite for cabinetry, doors, and/or drawer fronts?


There is no written spec or step-by-step for casework using Richlite specifically – but please note the material is very strong and very heavy.

1/2” thickness is what EcoSupply would recommend using for the cabinetry, doors & drawer fronts.

Consider building the cabinet cases however your preferred shop is used to building them.

Please be aware: Richlite sheets are heavy, the cut edges are very sharp, you need pre-drill for any screws, and 24 hr cure structural epoxy is our preferred adhesive.

Richlite aces being glued to one another need to be sanded with 100 or 80 grit sandpaper before applying adhesive.

Shallow cup hinges are available for the thin doors. Regular 32mm hardware works fine with Richlite. Pre-drill or tap for hardware.

System 3 T-88 structural epoxy:

Consider using extra hinges for doors and soft close mechanisms for both doors & drawer fronts.

We have a nice bank of videos about machining Richlite here:

See the full Richlite Fabrication Guide for more details attached below.

Attached Document: Richlite Fabrication Manual

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Updated: 09-06-2022