What is the carbon footprint of Thermacork?


Thermacork has a negative CO2 foot print: -596,50 kg/co2/m3. See the Featured Video on the Thermacork page for a detailed explanation.

Having a negative CO2 footprint is unique. The cork is peeled from the oak tree with a very low energy process. The manufacturing process to turn the recycled waste from the cork wine industry into a building material is very low embodied energy, run on the cork granules, and uses no resin, binder, or any added material so product is 100% biobased material. Lastly the bark is harvested every 9 years and the tree will leave for 250+ years so the tree will sequester more CO2 in its lifespan than the entire manufacturing process of turning the bark into a building material, making Thermacork carbon negative.

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Updated: 06-29-2021