What thickness Richlite should I use for countertops? How far can I cantilever it?


3/4" is the thinnest we recommend for an integral sink drainboard, and the thinnest that can be used for seams made with drawbolts milled into pockets on the underside of the countertop.

3/4" Richlite can be stacked to appear 1 1/2" thick and can cantilever 12" unsupported with no flex.

1" Richlite will cantilever 24" unsupported and will span 48" unsupported – noting that we could jump all over the top together while a micrometer reads no flex.

1" Richlite can be stacked to appear 2" thick.

3/4"-1 1/4" are the thicknesses that we can supply premade mitered waterfall edges that install with cam locks.

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Updated: 06-29-2021