Which Richlite finish should I choose?


The material can be finished for interior use in one of two ways: either sanded or unsanded – and afterward a finish is wiped on & off, for a non-reflective finish. All Richlite finishes are applied by your millworker or installer. If EcoSupply/EcoCuts is the fabricator on your project, we can apply your prefered finish.

Leathered Finish Image

Richlite's "Leathered Finish" keeps the texture of Richlite, but an added applied finish enriches the color and adds a layer of protection. We prefer the unsanded version called "Leathered Finish" - because the shallow texture of the paper’s surface more successfully minimizes the first few scratches that will show up.

Honed Finish Image

The "Honed Finish" requires a simple sanding process and an applied finish to achieve a honed, more satin, polished look than the "Leathered Finish". Scratches tend to be more apparent with this finish.

Factory Finish Image

Richlite's "Mill Finish" is simply the surface of Richlite right out of the manufacturing process. This is the finish recommended for exterior use Best described as "no finish". Dust from shipping and/or storage can be removed with rain, water and a clean rag.

Richlite Samples Finish Diagram Image

Standard stocked Richlite samples are 3" x 3" come with a leathered finish surface, 2 edges with a honed finish, and a mill finish back surface. Requests for samples with finishes different than the standard sample are considered custom samples and will have longer turnaround time. Here is what comes in the Richlite Architectural Sample Box.

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Updated: 09-06-2022