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EcoSupply has Skatelite PRO 4' x 8' sheets in both Natural and r50 colorways immediately available, shipped from Richmond, Virginia.

$209/sheet* for either color. Please call to order or fill out our quote request form

The original Skatelite material, Richlite, was created more than 70 years ago as an industrial product used by the aerospace and marine industries, Richlite thrives today as a material used for everything from building exteriors, architectural surfaces, guitar parts, mobile phone cases, and for surfaces in commercialand residential kitchens.

Skatelite has stood the test of time as the premium skate ramp surface used by professionals, the top action sports camps and the world’s most notable competitions. The X Games, Woodward, Dew Tour, Hoffman’s record air, Tom Schaar’s 1080, Hawk’s 900, the legends and the legends-in-making all depend on Skatelite due to the material’s weatherproof, nearly indestructible construction that delivers a balance of speed and grip unattainable through any other surface. Smooth, fast, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, it’s the ideal surface material for indoor or outdoor ramps.

Fast and strong, Skatelite® Pro is the best professional grade surface for outdoor skateparks. Skatelite® Pro is weatherproof and withstands the constant punishment from determined riders. Skatelite® Pro can painted and screenprinted on.

*Shipping not included. Price subject to change at any time.

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  • Durable & Scratch Resistant
  • Head & Stain Resistant
  • Non-Toxic & Odorless
  • Naturally Warm
  • Milled with Standard Tools
  • Extended Cantilevers & Long Spans
  • Made in the USA


  • FSC® Certified
  • Potential LEED® Credits
  • GreenGuard® Certified
  • Richlite's FSC number: SW-COC-002292
  • EcoSupply FSC number: SW-COC-001604

Color & Size Options

EcoSupply carries Skatelite® PRO in both r50 and Natural 4' x 8' sheets

Possible LEED® Credits

ID Credit 1-1.4 | Innovation & Design Process 1-4 Points for All Richlite lines

EQ Credit 4.4 | Low-Emitting Materials Composite Wood & Agrifiber Products Indoor air quality / No added urea-formaldehyde 1 Point for All Richlite lines and all products are GREENGUARD® Certified.

MR Credit 5.2 | Regional Materials 20% Extracted Processed & Manufactured Regionally Regional Materials: Base location: Tacoma, WA 98421 2 Points (1 Point in addition to MR Credit 5.1)

MR Credit 4.2 | Recycled Content: 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer) Richlite Blue Canyon, Chocolate Glacier, & r100: 100% post consumer fiber Richlite r50: Minimum 50% recycled content 2 Points (1 Point in addition to MR Credit 4.1)

MR Credit 6 | Rapidly Renewable Materials All other Richlite colors minus those in MR Credit 4.2: 30% Eucalyptus Fiber 1 Point

AIA CE Course

ProductCourse TitleCreditsSign Up
RichliteUnderstanding Manufacturing, Applications and Benefits of Paper Composite Surfaces1 LU - HSWSign Up

Technical Documents

Richlite Fabrication GuideFabrication GuideDownload (67.37 KB)
Richlite BrochureCatalog/BinderDownload (4.91 MB)
Richlite - CSI 3-Part Spec - Master Format 04CSI SpecDownload (7.22 KB)
Richlite ASTM C1028 Coefficient of FrictionLab TestingDownload (16.57 KB)
Richlite - CSI 3-Part Spec - Master Format 95CSI SpecDownload (7.17 KB)
Richlite CNCFabrication GuideDownload (9.26 KB)
Richlite CuttingFabrication GuideDownload (7.20 KB)
Richlite Delivery Handling StorageGeneral InformationDownload (14.78 KB)
Richlite DrillingFabrication GuideDownload (8.80 KB)
Richlite Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)General InformationDownload (1.69 MB)
Richlite FSC CertificateCertificationDownload (14.64 KB)
Richlite LEED InfoCertificationDownload (10.29 KB)
Richlite MSDSMSDSDownload (7.16 KB)
Richlite PropertiesGeneral InformationDownload (48.68 KB)
Richlite Seaming Gluing FasteningFabrication GuideDownload (12.71 KB)
Richlite RoutingFabrication GuideDownload (7.39 KB)

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