Protective 3D Paneling & Surfaces

Tekstur is the solution to a common problem. Most poly-carbonate, MDF and acrylic decorative panels have limited durability. They are subject to cracking, chipping, staining and other product degradation. Thus, minimizing their life-span.

Eco Supply created the Tekstur brand in-house. Tekstur panels are made from materials with extraordinary impact, water, and fire resistance. Many of our panel options also have excellent sound attenuation properties. The materials used are some of the healthiest, most sustainable products in the world.

By way of our reductive process and design team, we have created a brand that takes these materials beyond their practical applications, and transforms them into utilitarian works of art. Tekstur is both visual and tactile in nature. Not only do the patterned surfaces draw in the eye, but they invite the viewer to touch the material, to engage with the design.

With panel options that are FSC® Certified and can contribute to LEED® Credits, the possibilities are endless...

Check out our 3D Pattern Design Tool

Tekstur Vox Media Elevator Lobby - P1 Ebony
Tekstur Elevator Paneling - Basics P1 Pewter
Tekstur TD Garden Boston - D1 Ebony
Tekstur Wet Bar Richmond - Elements E1 Silk Road Ebony
Tekstur Elevator Paneling - Industrial i2 Ebony 101
Tekstur 800 Degrees Pizza - i2 Ebony
Tekstur Perch Harlem Corridor Signage - Custom Pattern
Tekstur Backsplash - Basics G2 Ebony 101
Tekstur Exterior Garden Divider - Basics G2 Ebony 101
Tekstur Interior Wall Paneling- Basics H3 Ebony 101


  • Interior Wall Paneling
  • Exterior Façade & Cladding
  • Stair Treads
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Thermal Insulation*
  • Industrial & OEM Applications

* Only with specific materials


  • Class A Fire Rated Options
  • Full Thickness Material Options
  • Durable & Impact Resistant Options Watch Durability Example Video
  • Heat & Stain Resistant Options
  • Moisture & Water Resistant Options
  • Made in the USA


  • FSC® Certified Options
  • Green Guard Certified
  • Kosher Certified Options
  • NSF Certified Options
  • Possible LEED® Credits
  • Red List Free Options (Declare)
  • Biodegradable Options


  • Given the number of possible pattern, color, and thickness combinations, we only keep stock of our paper-composite patterns in Ebony 101.
  • Other colors may take longer to fulfill, as they will need to be custom made. Please allow up to 10 business days for the request to be fulfilled.
  • Please check out our 3D Pattern Tool to help visualize all of our products in every pattern & color!

Product Lines

Basics Collection

Combine the high performance and durability of our paper-composite material options with the simple repetition of basic shapes: Diamond, Grid, Hex, Prism. Each shape boasts 3 different pattern sizes with many color options.

Use the 3D Tekstur Pattern & Color Tool to pick and choose from the patterns in all available colors by clicking the "Pattern Tool" button below:

Element Collection

The Element Collection features brand new patterns that step outside of the realm of basic repitition into a groovy world of visual pleasure, using our durable paper-composite panels.

Use the 3D Tekstur Pattern & Color Tool to pick and choose from the patterns in all available colors by clicking the "Pattern Tool" button below:

Industrial Collection

These rugged industrial patterns are perfect for high-impact areas. Made from durable paper-composite materials, these panels will take a beating and still perform beautifully under a wide range of interior and exterior applications. Many color options available.

Use the 3D Tekstur Pattern & Color Tool to pick and choose from the patterns in all available colors by clicking the "Pattern Tool" button below:

Possible LEED® Credits

  • ID1-1.4† | 1-4 Points
  • EQ4.4† | 1 Point
  • MR4.2† | 2 Points
  • MR5.2† | 2 Points
  • MR6† | 1 Point
  • MR7† | 1 Point
  • MR1.1† | 1-3 Points
  • MR2† | 1-2 Points
  • MR4† | 1-2 Points
  • MR5† | 1-2 Points

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Technical Documents

2021 Tekstur Fabrication and Install GuidelinesInstallation GuideDownload (1.34 MB)
Tekstur Paper Phenolic 3 Part CSI SpecCSI SpecDownload (6.01 KB)
Tekstur MSDSMSDSDownload (22.64 KB)
Tekstur WarrantyWarranty InformationDownload (2.67 KB)
Tekstur FAQGeneral InformationDownload (11.32 KB)
Abet Stratificato Tech Data SheetData SheetDownload (16.27 KB)
Richlite PropertiesGeneral InformationDownload (48.68 KB)
Tekstur Thickness GuideGeneral InformationDownload (2.66 MB)
Tekstur Panel Selection - Wall ConditionsGeneral InformationDownload (9.53 KB)

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