Furniture & Cabinetry

For more than a decade we have been supporting the furniture and cabinetmaking industry with cutting edge, sustainable materials. Their grain, color, and texture bring out the inherent beauty in nature, adding simplicity and refinement to a piece of furniture or run of cabinetry. As furniture & cabinet makers, we appreciate firsthand the inherent performance and workability of these materials in the shop environment.

Richlite FSC® Certified Paper Phenolic Material

Richlite’s versatility is legendary and we can make sheets to from 2mm up to 3” in thickness. Richlite’s structural properties make for great wear parts and fastening points in furniture and casework. Although Richlite is heavy compared to plywood, we have seen Richlite doors used in casework and they are certainly beautiful as they are tough. They would perform incredibly well in wet areas. Richlite would also be more heat resistant than plastic doors made from King Starboard or other true plastics.

Furniture designers and manufacturers appreciate the variety of thicknesses and sizes. Maximizing your yield is much easier on a 4x12 or 5x12 sheet. We also make 4x10 and 5x10s. We’ll even make custom lengths for orders of 25 or more sheets.

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Plyboo Bamboo Plywood Paneling

Our start in the distribution industry grew of out a cabinet and furniture business. We had a line of bamboo furniture, taking advantage of the clean modern lines inherent in bamboo and the solid edges that lend themselves to CNC machining. There was no edge banding needed that would add labor cost and long term quality issues to our products. The solid edges of the bamboo plywood also make the furniture easier to refinish. We just did a touch up job on some Plyboo bamboo plywood restaurant chairs in a successful, high volume NYC restaurant. After ten years of hard use they are ready for 10 more. The ¾” bamboo plywood is easy to double up, making stock for thicker parts. The screw hold is excellent and any clear coat you’d use on wood will work fine with bamboo plywood from fine furniture to commercial casework.

Solid bamboo plywood cabinet doors are a great use for Plyboo since that application also takes advantage of the solid edges. A frequently used cabinet doors, cabinet boxes and drawer fronts will have issues with the edge banding sooner or later, so why not eliminate the problem entirely and use a solid bamboo product. For lower cost projects the doors are easy to add to prefin maple boxes or even cabinets picked up from IKEA. The boxes may not hold up as well, but they will be hidden behind some really tough and beautiful bamboo cabinet doors.

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Suberra Ultra High Density Cork Material

Suberra has been used for more than just work surfaces. The thick pieces can serve as a number of furniture parts and we have a large 7” + thick block that begs for more application in the furniture world. Suberra can be clear coated for more maintenance free cork furniture pieces or left oil or even unfinished since cork is so resistant to water. Suberra solid cork blocks and blanks are very easy to machine. Don’t forget that cork makes for great chair and bench seats. Warm to the touch, it’s the same reason that cork is a popular flooring option for cold climates.

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