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Entry Door

Product: Bildau & Bussmann

Material: Multiple Material Options

Wood Doors: Designed and produced from Bildau & Bussmann’s large catalog or custom built to your design specification, typical entry doors come in frame thicknesses of 68 mm (2 3/4″), 79 mm (3 1/8″) or 90 mm (3 5/8″). The customization capabilities range from historical reproductions to modern and complex designs.

Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors: All Bildau and Bussmann doors can combine the natural beauty of wood in the interior, with the toughness and protection of metal when choosing the exterior aluminum-clad option. The advantages are:

  • Heavy duty protection against weathering with less maintenance required.

  • An endless selection of RAL colors and finishes for the aluminum cladding, and a selection of aluminum cladding profiles.

  • Improved insulating properties of the door, due to the air-chamber between the aluminum shell and the wood door.

  • European style connection between the wood and the aluminum cladding, with PVC connectors that help mitigate the differing expansion and contraction rates of wood and aluminum.

  • The PVC connection clips provides a space to relieve temperature and humidity build up.

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Technical Information

Bildau AAMA - Fixed IV79 Intertek TestingLab TestingDownload (1.67 MB)
Bildau AAMA - Tilt-Turn IV79 Intertek TestingLab TestingDownload (2.01 MB)
Bildau ASTM E90 OITC 37 - Laminated GlassLab TestingDownload (1.07 MB)
Bildau ASTM E90 - Sound Transmission Loss TestLab TestingDownload (29.40 KB)


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FSC® Certified

Bildau & Bussmann is an FSC® Certified Company. They offer window and door frames made from sustainably harvested wood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

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NFRC Certified

Bildau & Bussmann offers NFRC window and door frames. The NFRC rates windows based on U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance and Air Leakage.