Hardware for Doors


Bildau & Bussmann generally sources handles from GreenteQ, Hoppe, and Franz Schneider Brakel (FSB). This allows them to offer a vast variety of colors, styles, and finishes.

Outside of the brands mentioned above, we can also work with you to use any other compatible handles. This includes custom made handles, historic re-creations, and smart devices. Please contact us for more information.

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GreenteQ Stainless Steel Handles are included in the base price for Bildau & Bussmann windows and doors. GreenteQ offers quality, short lead times, and modern aesthetics. GreenteQ prides itself for being design oriented and providing comprehensive and consistently high-quality handles.

GreenteQ Window Handle Catalog

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Hoppe is the market leader throughout Europe, considered to be the classic German handle, as it is ubiquitous throughout German homes. Hoppe develops, manufactures and provides handles made of aluminum, brass, nylon and stainless steel. They carry a wide variety of options, ranging from modern and colorful to traditional designs.

Hoppe Window Handle Catalog

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Franz Schneider Brakel (FSB)

Franz Schneider Brakel is our premium option for handles. FSB originally started in 1881 in Iserlohn, Germany as makers of antique-style cabinet fittings and devotional items in brass. It was in 1909 that Franz Schneider re-located to Brakel and thus began FSB. As a highly specialized boutique shop, FSB hardware was at the forefront of transforming handles from utilitarian items to elements of design at the turn of the century. Today, FSB handles are high-end designer handles with contemporary and traditional designs made of brass.

FSB Window Handle Catalog

Special Hardware

Panic Bars

Especially important for code compliance for exit doors, Panic Bars can be included in your units upon request. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all units are compliant with their local building code.


All doors come with thresholds with customized depth. We also offer ADA approved thresholds upon request. Moreover, if there is a different threshold that better suits the needs of your project, our team will do their best to ensure compatibility.

Electronic Operation

Our doors are compatible with a variety smart-home systems, which allow the end user to rid themselves of keys and access their home with a passcode or smartphone app. These can be included upon request.

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FSB Hardware Examples

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Hoppe Hardware Examples

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Greenteq Hardware Examples